Our producers

La Table du Golf restaurant chooses local producers


Preparing our dishes from fresh, local and seasonal products has become the philosophy of La Table du Golf restaurant, a guarantee of quality.

In order to offer a cuisine which highlights the home-made, our team has initiated a process in connection with the producers of the department. This approach certifies that our chef concocts a cuisine based on fresh and quality products and whose provenance is local.

We are always on the lookout for you to discover an original product. Thanks to our local producers and suppliers from whom we select products for you that are as close as possible to seasonality and good maturity, we manage to share our culinary enthusiasm with you.

We place our trust in them:


PIERRE MORGEAU: independent winemaker who produces Haut Poitou wines,  terroir wines



Domaine de La Tour Beaumont – 2 avenue de Bordeaux, 86490 BEAUMONT SAINT-CYR – FRANCE – Web site  Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.


DOMAINE DE LA ROTISSERIE: producer and direct sale of Haut-Poitou wines.



Domaine de la Rôtisserie – 35 rue de l’Habit d’Or, 86380 JAUNAY-MARIGNY – FRANCE – Web site  Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.


LA CAVE JEANNE D’ARC supplier of wines from our regions (Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Beaujolais wines), Champagnes, spirits and alcohol with higher degrees (Whiskey, Rum).


La Cave Jeanne d’Arc 32 rue Jeanne d’Arc – 86100 CHATELLERAULT – FRANCE – Web site  Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.


GLACES DES ALPES: Artisanal ice-cream producer



GLACES DES ALPES –PAE, 191 Avenue des Marais, 74350 ALLONZIER LA CAILLE – FRANCE – Web site







Safran de Filsoie en Vienne – 17 Rue des Roches, 86490 BEAUMONT SAINT-CYR – FRANCE – Web site


CHEZ MORILLE: breader and producer of ducks and foie gras



Chez Morille – La Bertonnière, 79400 AUGE – FRANCE –  Web site


BOULANGERIE DORÉE MIE BAKERY, bread producer, with whom La Table du Golf restaurant has been working for several years.


Boulangerie Dorée Mie 1 Allée du Nord 86360 CHASSENEUIL DU POITOU- FRANCE – Facebook page


LE MOULIN DU COUVENT: supplier of raw fish (salmon, haddock, halibut, tuna, sturgeon, trout, brenne carp, etc.) that some of which we smoke at La Table du Golf restaurant



Le Moulin du Couvent – Rue Pierre Pascault, 37160 DESCARTES – FRANCE – Web site



SOCIÉTÉ GAUTHIER-GIRARD – FILIALE ESTEVIN : distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Société Gauthier-Girard – Filiale Estevin – Marché de Gros – ZI de la République – 86000 POITIERS – FRANCE – Web site

Partnerships have also been established between La Table du Golf and distributors offering local meats (Vendée, Nouvelle-Aquitaine) supplied by various local producers.




GROUPE POMONA – PASSION FROID, supplier of professionals in the catering trade, which works with local producers for the meat breed (Salers, Blonde d’Aquitaine, matured Charolais for example) and for mature cheeses.


Passion Froid – Direction régionale Centre – ZA N°1 du Papillon – 550, rue Morane Saulnier – CS 12106 – 37210 PARCAY MESLAY- FRANCE Pomona web site    Passion Froid web site


ACHILLE BERTRAND : supplier of meat breeds, such as matured Charolais for example. Meats from local producers.


Achille Bertrand – ZI du Bois Joly – BP 507 – 85500 LES HERBIERS – FRANCE – Web site