Set Menus

Menu  € 29

Served from Friday to Sunday only as well as bank holidays

3 courses selected from menu or à la carte

Home made dishes


Salmon tartare with roasted sesame & grated lime € 7.50

Crunchy duck confit with herbs and its Porto jus € 8.50

Roasted & stewed figs with honey, hazlenut crumble & vegetable tops € 7.50

Main dishes

Thyme-roasted filet mignon, sweet potato cream and chestnut shavings € 15.00

Slow-cooked duck breast filet with crushed walnuts & figs served with stir-fried Brussels sprouts  € 16.50

Roasted cod loin with its citrus fruit crust served with creamed celery and Chioggia beet crisps € 15.00



Rich chocolate fondant cake & mint-chocolate-chip ice cream € 7.00

Caramelised pear dessert with crunchy speculoos € 7.00

 Sweet lemon with its pineapple jelly and brown sugar crumble € 7.00

(To be ordered, preferably, at the beginning of the meal)