Brasserie Menu


Whether it is for a light bite or something more consistent, this menu is served every day until 3.00pm (4.00pm on Sundays in high season). If you are in a rush, just let us know and we’ll try to get your food out to you as soon as possible.



Starter of the day

(noon, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holiday)


Country-style pâté from Tour


Home smoked salmon

€ 6.50

Poitou salad

(goat’s cheese & bacon on toast, walnuts, apples)

Small € 7.50

Large €14.00

Ocean salad

(smoked salmon, roasted gambas, grapefruit, chive cream)

Small € 8.50

Large €16.00

Italian salad

(melon, Serrano ham, breadsticks, parmesan, confit tomatoes)

Small € 8.00

Large €15.00

Caesar salad

(chicken fillets, roasted prawns, candied tomatoes, parmesan, poached egg, Caesar sauce)

Small € 9.00

Large €17.00



Croq’ Monsieur

Toasted sandwich, home-made fries and salad

€ 11.00

Goat’s cheese toasted sandwich, home-made fries, salad

€ 12.00

Extra egg

€ 1.00

Home-made burger, home-made fries & salad

(Charolais beef burger, Comté cheese, grilled bacon, tomatoes, barbecue sauce)

€ 17.50

Vegetarian burger, home-made fries & salad

(tortilla, Comté cheese, tomatoes, barbecue sauce)

€ 16.50

Dish of the day

(noon, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holiday)

€ 12.50

Oven-roasted sturgeon with thyme

(red wine sauce, summer garnish)

€ 14.50

Butcher’s choice, home-made fries & salad


Locally-sourced confit duck leg

(with new potatoes and salad)

€ 16.50

Scottish salmon steak Label Rouge

(and peppers confit)

€ 17.00

Charolais rib steak 350g

home-made fries & salad


Plate of home-made fries

€ 5.00




Cheese plater with green salad

€ 5.50

Dessert of the day

(noon, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holiday)

€ 5.50

Seasonal fruit tart

€ 7.50

Chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet

€ 7.50

Red fruit cheese cake

€ 8.00

Café gourmand or thé gourmand

selection of mini desserts served with coffee

€ 8.50

Caramel sundae

(caramel ice-cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, roasted hazelnuts)


Strawberry Melba ice cream

(vanilla ice-cream, strawberry sorbet, fresh strawberries, strawberry coulis, whipped cream, roasted hazelnuts)


Ice-cream or sorbet to choose from

1 scoop € 2.50

2 scoops € 4.00

3 scoops € 6.00

Artisanal ice-cream

Vanilla, Valrhona chocolate, mint-chocolate, salted butter caramel, coffee, raspberry, lemon, mango, strawberry, apricot

Whipped cream extra charge

€ 1.00



Charolais minced steak and French fries or ham and French fries + 1 scoop of ice cream

€ 7.50



served for lunch, Monday to Friday, excuding bank holiday

Starter + main course or main course + dessert: €15.00

Starter + main course + dessert: €18